• Article in german Mag "proJugend"

    And now to something completely different. As you can see on the 'our games'-page, we are currently working on another game called 'Spielfieber', which is a simulation-game of a gambling-addict. It has been developed for the Aktion Jugendschutz Bayern e.V., a german (bavarian) - based governmental institution for protection of teenagers. Gambling addiction for 14-20year-olds is becoming a serious problem, and this game shall draw attention to this problem.
    The last edition of the proJugend-Mag has published an article about the game, with it some ingame-screenshots. Serious Monk has done all the graphics for the game, in total 7 characters and a bunch of backgrounds, all done in Blender 3D. Here are the four screenshots that were published in the mag.

    Spielfieber, Wohnung, Screenshot Spielfieber, Screenshot, Casino

    Spielfieber, Screenshot, Park Spielfieber, Screenshot, Beratung

    Stay tuned for the release. The programming is being done by finefin, the project lead is Ulrich Tausend. We are currently balancing and re-reading all the texts and adding the tutorial. The game will be freely playable online.

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  • New Background: CrimeScene

    No Place For Traitors, Background, Art Work

    After the programming work yesterday I had some fun creating this background-scene for the game. It depicts the crime-scene the story of the game is revolving around, the corpse of the dead abbot and some misterious items on the altar. Click on the image to see a bigger version.

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  • New Features for the Editor

    Editor, No Place For Traitors

    So I have been working on some new features of our Script-Editor. It now supports Dialog-Trees with the typical Ingame-Dialog-Choice-Menu (Do you call it that?). The editor is bilingual and does some smart things like showing you missing translations, bringing the Dialog-Items in a readable and logical order and handling deleting Items, changing connections between Items and adding new Items. A general overhaul of the layout, combined with some customized filters has improved the overview over multiple Objects and Dialog-parts. Surely, this will not be the last update of the editor, but I think we are very close to be able to begin scripting the Prototype with our little HTML/MySQL-Tool.

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  • Teeth for the monks

    Character No Place For Traitors

    My monks have teeth now! They will be able to talk and eat... Yeehaw! 

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