Another interesting day of setting up the scenes for our 2.5D-engine in Unity. I am quite astonished how much you can achieve with Blender in the pre-production. We do a complete setup of the scene, including all hotspots, walkable areas, doors and textured 2D-Planes. After defining the naming conventions and a color-code, it's an excellent way of preparing a room for implementation. 

Blender Setup 3D Blender Setup

These screenshots show thesetup for the Kitchen-Scene in Blender. Blue is the walkable area, Yellow are objects that you can interact with. There are 3 2D images in this setting: The background, which is the entire prerendered location. In the middle there is the oven, and as foreground you'll find the stairs.

Rando is currently working on a script to ease the re-import of the scene-setup, as the communication between unity and Blender is not ideal. Problems are the displacement of pivots or the (frequent) case of new objects in the scene. 

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