A short update: Today I was working on the HUD-grafics (inventory, textbackground, mousecursor, etc) and I did some further testing concerning the walkcycle of Antonius. Of course, the character-animation is one of the toughest  works I have to do at the moment, starting with the model itself: Unity won't render backfaces, as I am used to in Blender. That means that you can see through the Polygons that are inside the charakter, like for example inside the cowl, which can be seen in the walk-cycle. So I had to change the model in a way that never a backface of a polygon can be seen.

Secondly, the quite known 'sliding feet'-problem in my first (dirty) walkcycle had to be adressed. I did some research and one of the biggest helps was this article. So I re-did the walkcycle (which, actually, always was my intention, as the first one only was a rough layout) and voilá! Antonius doesn't slide anymore on the ground, which really is much more suitable for an 65 year old prior in the middle ages.

The walkcycle clearly needs more tweaking, but I am confident enough to assume that I will put up a first video of the walkcycle by the end of the week.

Meanwhile the progress we're doing is great. Rando managed to include more features into the game-engine and will be working on the inventory this week (this being the reason why I did the gfx for it today).

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