Rafael Creation Process

Not a timelapse-video but a (I think) nevertheless instructive image, showing the steps of the character creation process of yesterdays model 'Rafael'. (click on the image to see it big)

I do not do any scetches, I always work directly in 3D (i'm not too good painting). I have a clear idea of the character I want to model in my mind, though, having thought about it for quite some days. With some basic preparations like having a basemesh which fits your needs and knowing your tools, you can achieve results relativley fast. Rafael took me from start to end about 5 hours.

Normally you would do a retopo of the head for the ingame-model. This would be quite time-consuming and so I use the NormalMap of the HighRes model, copy the model and set the MultiRes Modifier back to 1 (if you set it to 0, the face would not be recognizable). Like that, I have a nice looking model with about 2450 polygons instead of the HighRes with 2514944 polygons. True, you can optimize it more and could probably get a face model with less than 1000 Polygons. I think for a prototype, though, a 2500 poly-headmodel is ok, taking into account that we nearly have no other models in the scene except the characters. So I think unity can easily handle these not-optimized head models. For the final game I probably would do a retopo, though.

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