No Place For Traitors - Antonius Moods

As you already could see on some of the screenshots, the dialog is being displayed on a scroll, which has the typical medaillon at the side, showing the person that is speaking. I want to feature moods for these medaillons, showing a different facial expression depending on the text. For the time being, I decided to do 5 facial expressions (from top left to bottom right): afraid, angry, curious, neutral, smile. 

The facials have been created with Shape Keys - so they will not be featured on the real-time-model, because unity cannot (afaik) import and use shapekeys - you'd have to do a complete facial rig (instead of just the jaw, which is what we have done...).

I think the most important thing concerning facial-animations are the eyes, as we as human beings connect to one another mostly with the eyes - small changes can result in an entirely new expression. The crucial part of getting a character alive is the small light-dot-reflection on the eye-ball. As I myself have had some trouble with these reflections, I will post a small how to on getting this light-dot right. Stay tuned...

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