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So the last days I have been busy with other jobs, and it is only today that I have been able to do some work on 'No Place For Traitors' again. I was scripting some of the dialogs when I noticed, that the 5 'Emoticons' of my main-charakter don't seem to cover all the necessary emotions I'd need. So I did, what I should have done before starting the 'Emoticons': research! BUT, no harm done, the frames I did already will still be used.

So I started to read about the basic emotions - and there are sure a lot of different theories concerning these 'basic' emotions. In addition, I realized that it is not necessarily to cover all basic emotions (for example LOVE), but it would be necessary to create some additional 'states', that would reflect the adequat reaction in a dialog (for example being curious).

So I defined 8 different 'states' and 'emotions', based on the basic emotions Love, Joy, Surprise, Anger, Sadness and Fear. In the still you can see from top-left to bottom-right: afraid, angry, curious, disgusted, normal, smile, sad, surprised.

In the prototype I will have all these emotion only for the main-character, Rafael's and Oswald's 'Emoticons' will be created when needed.

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