Yeehaw! What you see above is the Startscreen of the finished prototype and the first frame of our introduction-animation. The last days we have been really busy polishing the demo and now are proud to announce the final version of the prototype. 

This means, that we now are more than ever on the lookout for publishers, because now we can present the game with a playable demo. So at the moment the programming and the designing has come to an end and we focus on contacting publishers.

I know, that some of you (at least I hope so) would like to play the prototype - BUT (besides not wanting to reveal all the secrets about "No Place For Traitors"), as we are using layout-music that is copyrighted we are not able to publish the game  to public. Furthermore, the prototype exists only in German at the moment, although our engine already supports multi-language.

So this might be a good and a bad news: The good one is, that the prototype is up and running and we managed to achieve our goal in time and in budget. The bad news is, that this prototype can only be released to a few people and not yet to public.

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