It has been a long time - and a quite busy one. So let me do a short recap of the last 12 months, because much has been done and many a thing has changed :D

1. "No Place For Traitors" is still under development - I haven't given up on the project, although I have given up searching for publishers. To be honest, I prefer to distribute a smaller game as a freeware that use up a lot of energy talking to publishers. This means I really can only work on it in my free time, which, in the last 12 months has been near to non-existent.

2. What have I been doing? Not exactly what you would think, actually. Since May 2012 I have been working as production lead and director on a german webshow called "Let's Play Together", which is a computergame-based show with Germany's most popular Let's Player Gronkh and Sarazar. An important feature of this show would be the approachability of the two hosts - in every episode we play some matches with selected members of the community - hence the name. This has been an exciting and rewarding work and has lead to some extraordinary things: I started to slowly indtroduce myself as a Let's Player on Youtube ( and managed to establish a small and brilliant community producing videos, chatting, answering questions and so on...

3. Together with this community I started my first community-based project called Âlendia (, which is a kind of creative-writing-project with multiple authors. Being able to communicate with many people is vital to any artist producing any kind of work - and the SgtRumpel-Community is a gift for me as an artist and game developer.

4 Based on this experience and having my objectives concerning computer design in mind, I thought the time would be ready for a second effort to venture into commercial game development.

And this is the reason why I am writing this post: I gladly announce that Serious Monk is being joined by 3 more, young and aspiring game developers, which share my passion for games :D

Silbernitrat Conception, Videoproduction and Social Media
Thorsten  Unity Programmer
Jannik Unity Programmer


We will soon release more information on a new project, so stay tuned :D These are exciting times, that's for sure...


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