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No Place For Traitors is a classical point-and-click adventure in a medieval, mystical setting. Experience a thrilling murder mystery as Antonius, the prior of the monastery and as the dead abbot Barnabas, who is roaming the monastery as a ghost.

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Coat of Arms is a Freemium Strategical Card Game with a twist we can't tell you about - AT THE MOMENT. We are working on the first two decks to build a 'hardware' prototype with real paper cards for testing.

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Spielfieber - Der Countdown läuft Spielfieber - Der Countdown läuft is a online (flash) game being currently developed for the "Aktion Jugendschutz Landesarbeitsstelle Bayern e.V.". Serious Monk is responsible for the gfx of the game, programming is being done by finefin.


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We are an independent gamedesign studio based in Cologne, Germany.

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About this Webpage:

This webpage is a developer-blog, providing information for the interested about the production of our computer-games. This shall not only serve as a product-show-off, but also as a platform for other developers to read about our problems, our solutions and thoughts during the development.

We will offer tutorials, tests, opinions related to indie-game-development and of course information about the games we are currently working on.

Stay tuned. Happy gaming.