• Inventory added

    Screenshot No Place For Traitors

    We have an inventory! Well, at least we have the grafics for it working in Unity. I have been busy updating the Script-Tool, improving the layout and adding two more features. To establish a connection between the clickable (invisible) objects in Unity and the generated xml-Files we searched for a solution to pass the corresponding ID directly from Blender to Unity. The only way we found was to add the ID in the objects-name, as this is the only string-information that will be available after the import-process. As a result, Rando parses the object's names and connects the ID gathered hereby with the corresponding xml-files. 

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  • Walkcycles and HUD gfx

    A short update: Today I was working on the HUD-grafics (inventory, textbackground, mousecursor, etc) and I did some further testing concerning the walkcycle of Antonius. Of course, the character-animation is one of the toughest  works I have to do at the moment, starting with the model itself: Unity won't render backfaces, as I am used to in Blender. That means that you can see through the Polygons that are inside the charakter, like for example inside the cowl, which can be seen in the walk-cycle. So I had to change the model in a way that never a backface of a polygon can be seen.

    Secondly, the quite known 'sliding feet'-problem in my first (dirty) walkcycle had to be adressed. I did some research and one of the biggest helps was this article. So I re-did the walkcycle (which, actually, always was my intention, as the first one only was a rough layout) and voilá! Antonius doesn't slide anymore on the ground, which really is much more suitable for an 65 year old prior in the middle ages.

    The walkcycle clearly needs more tweaking, but I am confident enough to assume that I will put up a first video of the walkcycle by the end of the week.

    Meanwhile the progress we're doing is great. Rando managed to include more features into the game-engine and will be working on the inventory this week (this being the reason why I did the gfx for it today).

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  • Tools, Tools, Tools

    I love tools - if you are able to do it yourself, a tool will always be the most efficient way to ease and shorten workflows. You can customize it the way you need it, only implement essential features and hereby keep the usability of your tool as userfriendly as possible. As result of last week's research concerning our workflows, this week we have both been working on our most important tools: Rando has finished his importer-script, which simplifies the import of *.blend - files into unity. And I have been working on an online scripting-tool, which is basically a MySQL-Front-end, especially designed for the needs of our point-and-click-adventure.

    Script Editor for No Place For Traitors

    Once Rando has implemented the parsing, we will be able to script the entire game via our online frontend and use our servers to generate all the xml-Files. Each file will be attached to a specific object, providing instructions for the gameengine; what to do if looked at, used, talked to, etc. And the beauty of it: It is easily extendable, for example concerning multi-language support and, as everything is being saved in MySQL Databases, we can output the data in every way we want: For example formatted scripts for out actors for the voice-recordings.

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  • Workflow Blender - Unity

    Another interesting day of setting up the scenes for our 2.5D-engine in Unity. I am quite astonished how much you can achieve with Blender in the pre-production. We do a complete setup of the scene, including all hotspots, walkable areas, doors and textured 2D-Planes. After defining the naming conventions and a color-code, it's an excellent way of preparing a room for implementation. 

    Blender Setup 3D Blender Setup

    These screenshots show thesetup for the Kitchen-Scene in Blender. Blue is the walkable area, Yellow are objects that you can interact with. There are 3 2D images in this setting: The background, which is the entire prerendered location. In the middle there is the oven, and as foreground you'll find the stairs.

    Rando is currently working on a script to ease the re-import of the scene-setup, as the communication between unity and Blender is not ideal. Problems are the displacement of pivots or the (frequent) case of new objects in the scene. 

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  • Charakter Artwork: the Abbot

    No Place For Traitors - the Abbot


    Today I finished the High-Res 3D-model of Barnabas, the (dead) Abbot. Barnabas is one of the two main-Characters that will be controllable by the player.

    The creation-process was actually quite straight-forward: I sculpted the head with the blender internal sculpting tool - everytime I work with the sculpting-tool, I learn something new. This time, I realized that inflate/deflate-brush really IS your friend when modeling faces, and especially older faces. After texturing I spent quite some time on the hair. Although this will only be essential in the high-res-model, as I'll have to take a different approach concerning the low-res (in-game) model. After that, it was just plaing with the materials and making a nice, moody background.

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  • Production started!

    Today we started the production of the PROTOTYPE of our point-and-click-adventure "No Place For Traitors" - that is, we started the programming, as some of the graphics already have been done in the past weeks.

    As always, the first meeting fast dedicated to workflows, file-managment, naming conventions and configurations, so nothing special about that. It's more the fact that we finally actually started - I have been working hard to get this project going. Let's hope it will be a constructive and fruitful teamwork.

    At the moment, I will only release some telegram-style posts, reason being a) this website still is under development, b) the project has just started and we haven't that much to show and obviously c) at the moment this isn't reading anyone anyway :-)

    So cheers to me and Rando (programmer), let's see what the future brings...

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